Lisa Schuenke, Director of Finance & Human Resources

Lisa Schuenke

Mrs. Schuenke graduated from Jersey Community High School in 1983. She earned Bachelor of Science degrees in Mathematics as well as Computer Science and Information Systems from Illinois College in 1987. Mrs. Schuenke began her career as a BASIC and Pascal computer programming teacher at Champaign Centennial High School and coached high school softball.  Mrs. Schuenke left Champaign in 1988 to work for Owens Illinois in Godfrey, Illinois. For the next 4 years she wrote computer programs in FORTRAN and created postprocessor routines for CNC machines creating glass parts using CAD/CAM software. 

In 1991 Mrs. Schuenke returned to the education world as a mathematics educator at East Alton Wood River High School and coached volleyball. Mrs. Schuenke taught AP Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Algebra 2, Geometry, and Algebra 1. Mrs. Schuenke completed her Master’s degree in Education Administration from Southern Illinois University and was hired as the principal of Shipman Elementary School in 2002. Twenty one years after leaving JCHS, she was fortunate enough to return in 2004 as the JCHS Dean of Students. Mrs. Schuenke became the principal of JCHS in 2006. 

Mrs. Lisa Schuenke loves Jersey Community School District, the students, and the entire community. She believes education is as asset owned by all. In the future, Mrs. Schuenke has aspirations to work with other professionals as well as future professionals as a leadership mentor.

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