Stan Kary - Secretary
Stan Kary - Secretary

Township: T8N, R12W
Term: Four Years, April 2017-April 2021

Professional Development:
Open Meetings Act - 6/7/13
Professional Development Leadership Training - 6/7/13
Performance Evaluation Reform Act Training - 6/7/13


Dr. Kary and his wife currently live in NW Jersey County.  He earned his Baccalaureate in Psychology in 1968 and Masters in 1970 from SIUE.  Dr. Kary worked as a clinical psychologist and began teaching at SIUE in 1970.  While a psychologist Dr. Kary was in charge of the mid-west testing for the federal government for Head Start and Project Follow Through.  Dr. Kary began teaching at St. Louis Community College (SLCC) in 1971 and taught there for 32 years.

Dr. Kary became a full professor in 1980 and earned his PhD in psychology in 1981 from UMSL.

During his tenure at SLCC he was awarded Teacher of the Year five times and was awarded the David L. Underwood Award in 1988.

Because of his background in statistics and psychological testing, Dr. Kary was part of a fact find team for the Ministry of Education of Guyana and later developed the testing for all public schools in Guyana.

For his work with veterans, Dr. Kary was commissioned a Kentucky Colonel by the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1983.

In 1980 Dr. Kary became chairman of psychology dept and also went on to chair the departments of sociology, political science, human services, history, law enforcement and teachers pre-professional education.  In 2001 became the executive dean at SLCC.

Dr. Kary also received numerous awards for his role in developing classes for public television, the weekend college, and his work with 2 + 2.  Two-plus-two is a program by which selected students can earn up to two years college while still in high school.

Dr. Kary was also involved in the development of A+ high schools and served on the board for evaluating A+ high schools.

Besides authoring numerous scientific articles, Dr Kary authored a book called Raising Kids: It Ain’t Easy But It Can Be Fun.  This text involved applying principles of learning to the process of raising kids.

Finally, Dr. Kary was awarded the rank of Nidan (second degree) from the United States Judo Association.  He was awarded the rank from the head coach of the US Olympic Team.

Dr. Kary is currently president of the Jerseyville Rotary Club and a school board member of CUSD #100.

In his retirement Dr. Kary enjoys building furniture, writing and spending time with his wife (also a retired teacher) and nine grandchildren.